Insights come from in-depth analysis that responds to client interests and leads market movements


Core model

Our relatively parsimonious core model is designed to be UK-centric in its depth, while also including key trading partners, like our wider research. It is estimated in python, with an excel front end, to make it easy to update in real time and respond to client demands.


An independent view is not enough to anticipate what policymakers will do in the short run. In order to understand how policymakers will process developments, we replicate crucial aspects of their models. For example, by identifying shocks and applying impulse response functions from the Bank of England's model, insights into the raw policy 'news' can be attained.

Peripheral models

To support the core model with its processing of news in the higher frequency data and in areas not part of the 'core', peripheral models are needed. Where clients have specific requirements, these models can be expanded and new ones created to provide insights that fit the need.


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